Mountaineer Mental Health, LLC, a licensed behavioral health center, providing home, school & community-based counseling is pleased to partner with A New Beginning Inc, a  women's recovery home, to provide quality intensive recovery support.

Partners In Recovery


MMH provides intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment services at ANBI that includes individual, group & family therapy as directed & supervised by a certified clinician with nearly 20 years addiction treatment experience.  In addition, residents participate in supportive counseling & case management services.

MRT Group

 Moral Reconation Therapy is an evidenced-based approach originally aimed to reduce recidivism & reincarceration by assisting participants to make improved decisions & choices. It is led by a certified facilitator who has over 20 years of experience using this program.  MRT assists participants to closely evaluate patterns that have led to where they are & accept accountability to redefine their choices moving forward.

Peer Recovery Support

Peer Recovery Support Specialists are women who have been there!  These ladies know recovery & what it takes to maintain it because they had to find success in their own recovery journey & are now here to share from their experience to help you on your path to recovery. 


Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Angie White, a central WV native, began her recovery journey when she relocated to Romney two and a half years ago.  Angie completed the WV Leadership Academy for Consumers and Families self-advocacy training program, one of the nation’s earliest peer facilitated training programs designed for adults & adult family members living with mental health and/or substance use disorder histories.  She has also been trained in Wellness Recovery Action Planning, an evidenced based recovery model that focuses on a person's strengths, rather than perceived deficits, supporting people to develop their own WRAP.  She was excited to become a PRS and enjoys her role as she wants to help others recover.


Program Director/PRSS

Cris Shuck, along with her husband founded ANBI as they are passionate about helping others recover from addiction. Cris has a background that includes long-term recovery and has been a small business owner in Mineral County WV for many years employing other women who are just beginning their recoveries from substance abuse. She is a certified & experienced recovery coach who has been a valuable, active contributor to the recovery community, serving on the Board of Directors for a Substance Abuse & Mental Health recovery organization.  Cris and her spouse have dedicated their lives to helping others recover and are savoring the realization of their dream with the start of A New Beginning, Inc.


Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Christine Dubois brings many years of recovery experience as well as training and Mosaic Group Certification in peer recovery coaching. She indicates that working with women who are in transition from addiction to sobriety is her absolute passion. She has been participating in 12 step recovery programs since 1988 and was relieved when she learned that an underlying mental health condition helped explain her personal stumbles and relapses on the path to recovery. She formed a women’s recovery meeting a couple of years ago that is still going strong, bringing together women who are free to speak without fear of judgement. Christine is pleased to be part of the collaborative effort between MMH & ANBI that is supporting women to begin to have hope & live happy, productive lives.